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MIO A701 WINDOW MOBILE PHONE GPS PDA PHONE The new Mio A701 is a satellite navigation system. It's a PDA with Windows Mobile 5. And a smart phone. Welcome to a whole new world of GPS. The Mio A701 is the perfect tool to take away on business, offering the functionally of several devices in one. So instead of wasting time waiting for your flight or sat on a train, you can use the A701 to catch up on your e-mail. Once at your destination, it will guide you straight to your hotel (on foot or with a rental car) and then to your meeting. On the way, call the office and make sure you're up to speed on any new developments. And in the evening, use it to find a good restaurant in the neighbourhood. With Mio Map v2, the A701 gives you the phone numbers of local POI's, you can even call ahead and book a table.

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